ColourPop and Qubit Aura—Film showcase

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A couple of weeks ago, Qubit and ColourPop took to the stage at the Glossy awards, winning a prize for Breakthrough Product Collaboration. The award celebrated Qubit Aura, a revolutionary new AI product that addresses the pain of product discovery on typical mobile commerce sites.

We had a rummage through the Qubit media archives and uncovered some excellent footage from when Qubit Aura launched at the WIRED retail conference late last year.


The film explains that mobile needs a paradigm shift in the way that people typically navigate a site—the hamburger menu just isn’t up to scratch for extensive browsing.

Key soundbites

AI is perfect for mobile personalization, because in a very short amount of time, it can understand your interests and infuse these selections with what’s popular on site.

Nate Dierks, Head of Technology, explains that seeing what’s trending was HUGE for ColourPop customers as the brand was “born on Instagram”—their shoppers are hugely passionate about buying ‘what’s hot’.

A key point in the film is when Graham Cooke, Qubit CEO put’s his phone next to Nate’s to show the extent of the individualization achieved by Qubit Aura. Side by side, you can see that the AI has picked up on different signals and achieved a truly 1:1 personalized experience.

For the whole story, you can check out the ColourPop case study here on our site.

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