Qubit breakfast series: NY fashion preps for the holidays in June

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The next stop on Qubit’s breakfast series was our very own New York City. On a warm sunny day, fashion entrepreneurs, business executives and journalists gathered atop the beautiful NoMad Hotel rooftop to learn about how the fashion world leverages data and analytics to prepare for the holidays.

As attendees enjoyed their gourmet breakfast, Qubit’s Simon Dean got the ball rolling by surveying the crowd to see what they did about online personalization. As the questions became more specific, the number of raised hands diminished. It was clear there was a lot to learn.

The lessons began with Olga Vidisheva, founder and CEO of Shoptiques, a fashion website that provides the most unique clothing from brick ‘n’ mortar boutiques to online shoppers around the world. Olga illuminated the audience with five lessons she learned along her journey from Harvard Business School alum to fashion entrepreneur. “It’s all about the users,” she stressed. “Don’t be an imitator, be an innovator.”

Next up was a hilarious and insightful presentation from Amy Madonia, executive director of ecommerce at TEMPTU. Amy dove into the trials and pitfalls of achieving the perfect airbrush look, then discussed how TEMPTU works with Qubit to provide customers with the most optimal online shopping experience. She shared advice on lifting: lifting above your baseline, above your cost to run promotions, above expectations, and above last year’s numbers. Even if the holidays are six months away, now is the time to begin building features, banners and promos that will help you meet the shopping rush.

The event concluded with Qubit’s senior strategist, Dama Dipayana, who shared personalizations tips, strategies and use cases from her extensive experience working with some of the world’s top fashion brands. She stressed the importance of preparing websites for the holiday rush, pointing out annual challenges like the winter code freeze that it impossible to make changes to an ecommerce website after a particular date. In the end, it’s about having enough time to architect and implement your big ideas.

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