Qubit’s European Talent ‘Committed’ To Driving Bigger, Better UK PLC

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I’d like to draw attention to something special that membership of the EU has given us.

Easy access to Europe’s most skilled people has helped Qubit become one of the 50 fastest-growing businesses in the UK and a regular fixture on published lists of the market’s hottest start-ups.

Almost 30% of the 180 strong workforce in our London HQ is made up of non-British EU nationals - that’s before we even start thinking about the teams in our Paris, Munich and Prague offices.  

These skilled, digital individuals have come from France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and so on and have committed to our country.

They live here, work here, create new jobs and hire here; they pay taxes and buy properties here; they support British football teams, socialize in our pubs and nightclubs and, for as long as companies like Qubit provide the right working environment for them, many of them will choose to stay and raise families here.

They are here because they’re the best and, while they won’t get to vote in the referendum on the 23rd June, they are rightly proud to contribute their considerable talent to growing the UK tech economy.

At Qubit we know that they are not just vital to the growth of this business. Through the superlative customer experience they help us drive for our customers, they also help grow some of the country's biggest businesses - our UK-based clients include Arcadia Group, Thomas Cook, Shop Direct Group and Ladbrokes.

Our message to you? As some of the biggest and best companies operating on these shores you also have scores of European employees that bring their brains, their hearts and their minds to positively influence your fortunes every day.

Please join us in celebrating their contribution ahead of June 23rd. Share photos of your #TechTalent on social media now!

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