Qubit launches new Behavioral Attribution API

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Piloted with Tableau to make easy-to-implement solution 

Here at Qubit we asked ourselves, how can we bring the data from your marketing channels to your fingertips so you can easily find insights? We’ve got the data, but we wanted to make sure it was presented in the best possible way. So, we decided to open up Behavioral Attribution to Business Intelligence tools via our API so you can get an integrated analytics tool. With data visualization, you can easily see where you are performing well, and what needs improvement.

Our new API is being piloted with Tableau, which will present you with the data in a clear, easily-digestible format. This integration means that you can combine our marketing attribution data with other additional sources, such as Business Intelligence tools and bid management technology, so you know how best to react to your customers’ behavior.

We are excited by the project and this pilot scheme with Tableau because it will give marketers and ecommerce professionals a complete view on customer behavior. Here’s what Jonathan Honey, OEM manager for Tableau EMEA had to say about working together:

“We are seeing a growing need for self-reliance and agile business analytics. Our integration with Qubit makes it easier for retailers and marketers to unite data from disparate sources more effectively helping users understand and respond quickly to customer demands, behavior and new opportunities that present themselves in the market.”

We’ve built the API with Business Intelligence in mind to let you quickly understand the effect of new campaigns, and build new campaigns based on the online response. You can find insights at any level that suits you, from campaign level to keyword, entrance date to purchase date and referrer type. We track over 120 variables, so you can get the most complete understanding of your marketing channels.

Behavioral Attribution is built on the idea of understanding the entire customer journey from first impression to latest visit and purchase. By understanding the impact each touchpoint has on the customer journey, rather than relying on the first or last referral, you can get a better idea of which channels you should be investing in.

If that’s the answer to your every wish, then you ought to book a demo with Qubit here.


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