As Qubit Raises $40m In Series C Round - We Want To Say ‘Thank You’

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We are delighted to announce that Qubit has raised $40m in a Series C round. The round was led by a new partner in Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division with participation from Accel (which led our Series B) and Salesforce Ventures.

We are also fortunate to count Sapphire Ventures as a new investor in this round. When you include the ongoing support of our early investor Balderton Capital that’s some list. The level of expertise and advice that we can call upon is breathtaking and we’re hugely grateful for it.

Our investors have looked at Qubit’s technology, our infrastructure and our vision and concluded that we can add the sort of value to our clients that they can’t buy or build elsewhere.

It’s a milestone day for Qubit and one we’re incredibly excited about. The big story now though is what we do next.

For while celebrating is something we’re very good at here, the DNA within Qubit almost demands that we enjoy our success together quickly and then pick up tools, get back to work and go again. Our goals are always ahead of us.

This funding will enable us to more than double our engineering capability and help us continue to grow as the leading digital experience management company in all of our markets.

We believe that customer data will power the future of business. We believe those that access it, understand it and use it smartly will be the market’s best brands of tomorrow.

The future of commerce – of business as a whole – is customer-led and data-driven. We are already living through a real age of the customer, something we refer to as the Expectation Economy, and that is only going to evolve.

What continues to distinguish us in the market is that we enable our clients to use data to understand their customers better.

As this blog post is being written, the economy around us is looking shaky and uncertain. Commentators are speculating as to whether the crash that some are predicting will be a market fluctuation or a genuine correction.

In the past we’ve seen companies that are brave enough to invest in marketing during economic uncertainty emerge out the side of those problems, faster, fitter and stronger than those that retrenched to cut costs. I believe that lesson can now be applied to the delivery of digital customer experience and personalization.

In hard times it makes sense to invest in building strong, trusted and hyper-relevant relationships with your customers.

As consumers themselves look at cutting their own spend there’s an opportunity for brands to make themselves indispensable to their customers.

Our investors, our customers and our partners alike know that. They have identified the value in what Qubit is doing today and what we’re planning to be able to do tomorrow. It’s a value that will shine in any sort of economy.

As we look forward to helping you realize your incredible ambitions and plans in 2016, we’re stopping for a moment today to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support on our journey so far.

You, our clients, our partners, our industry friends have got us to this point and helped make us what we are. Thank you.

And now, we pick up our tools and we go again.

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