Qubit Start: begin personalizing in 2 weeks and achieve a 6-10x ROI

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At Shoptalk in Las Vegas, Qubit announced the availability of a new product portfolio which serves to guide brands through different levels on the path to personalization.

In this blog, we will showcase the use cases and benefits of Qubit Start, the product with a 2 week implementation time that focuses on the personalization fundamentals and delivers 6-10x ROI, quickly.

What is Qubit Start?

Qubit Start is the gateway product that focuses on three key stages of Gartner's purchase cycle: discovery, selection and purchase. It employs specific personalization capabilities of the Qubit platform at the points that will impact the most visitors and convert them into customers whether they are completely new or returning VIPs.

During the discovery phase, Qubit Aura adapts in real time in order to predict and introduce relevant products and categories to customers using familiar social media layouts and techniques.

Qubit Aura L'Occitane


When customers progress to the selection stage, they are shown personalized product recommendations that are contextually relevant based on their viewing behavior and previous engagement. For example, CeX use product recommendations throughout the visitor journey.

CEX Qubit Desktop

Finally, when it comes to the purchase, social proof validates the customer’s decision to buy the products they are showing an affinity to, by reassuring them about their purchase through timely messaging, for example, ‘Hot product! Trending right now’.

Mothercare social proof

 The benefits of Qubit Start

The primary benefit of Qubit Start is the quick implementation alongside a low total cost of ownership. This is achieved through Qubit Start’s automated capabilities not requiring huge amounts of resource. Implement the Qubit script and you can get up and running with Qubit Start in 2 weeks.

With a 6-10x return on investment (ROI) expected annually, you prove the value of personalization to your business before moving onto more complex customer journeys and use cases that require more resource.

Paving the way for personalization

Qubit Start is ideal for brands who are looking to begin and prove the value of personalization and how it will be a key growth driver for their business.

Despite Qubit Start being a gateway product for those just beginning with personalization, the ramp up to more sophisticated packages (Qubit Grow and Qubit Pro) is seamless. All built on the same platform you can unlock more functionality as your appetite for solving business challenges with personalization increases. Qubit has been working with numerous world-leading brands, delivering strong ROI and being the partner of choice when it comes to building your personalization strategy.

For more information about Qubit Start, click here.

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