Qubit's got the Greenlight

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It’s all go go go in the Qubit offices as we announce our latest partnership with leading independent digital marketing agency, Greenlight. Having already successfully worked together for almost 18 months on joint clients across the financial, travel, and retail world; Greenlight has a proven history of effectively delivering insight and action based on Qubit’s behavioral attribution data.

Qubit will be providing marketing interaction, sales, and onsite data - reflecting the value of each customer’s visit to the site - to Greenlight, who in turn, will be integrating this data into Hydra, its proprietary cloud-based integrated search marketing platform.

Clients are sure to benefit from this new closer partnership between Greenlight’s Hydra technology and Qubit’s tag management, attribution, and conversion optimization solution.

If you want to find out more about Qubit's partner network, and even join us, take a look at our partners page.

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