The year in review: Our top 5 blog articles of 2017

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It’s been an exciting year for personalization. At Qubit we were honored to help innovative brands like Topman, Thomas Cook, ColourPop, and Etam on their personalization journey. We also launched a new website and a new product, and an industry-first report. Before we head into the new year, we want to take moment to reflect on the past 12 months. These are the five topics that interested you - our valued readers - the most:

1. What works in ecommerce? The key findings from 2 billion user journeys

In this post our Customer Success Director, Laura Kightlinger, summarizes some of the key findings of the ground-breaking analysis we carried out earlier this year, which was independently audited by PwC. We analyzed more than 2 billion user journeys and 120 million purchases to determine what kind of revenue uplift can be generated through the implementation of various optimization and personalization techniques. Read the post here.

To access all findings of the study, download the full report ‘Getting 6% more’ or the academic paper ‘What works in ecommerce’.

2. A supernatural discovery process: building our new product for mobile

Product Director Simon Jaffery delves into the reason why chatbots haven’t fully taken off yet, why product discovery poses a difficult challenge in the face of social media, and how our new product, Qubit Aura, was born out of these factors. Read the post here.

3. Panel discussion: IDC + Qubit - Machine Learning will Revolutionize Market Segmentation Practices

Watch this panel discussion to find out how companies are adopting machine learning today, what benefits this has for customer experience, and how it resonates with CMOs.

Featuring Gerry Brown, Research Director at International Data Corporation (IDC), Ana Sanandres, Professional Services Manager, and Bud Goswami, Lead Data Scientist at Qubit; chaired by our very own George Barker, Communications at Qubit. Read the post and watch the panel discussion here.

We also worked with IDC to publish the report 'Machine learning will revolutionize market segmentation practices', which outlines how machine learning is being used to leverage untapped revenue opportunities.

4. How strategic segmentation can take your personalization efforts to the next level

Are you interested in segmentation but don’t know where to start? Then this is the perfect post for you. Roel Decoene, Product Manager at Qubit, explains how to set up a successful segmentation strategy. Read the post here.

If you want a more in-depth guide to segmentation, read the ebook 'Shortcutting the path to purchase' to find out how to leverage psychological principles to personalize five key segments that are relevant to any business.

4. From reality star to beauty mogul. How Kylie Cosmetics has become an ecommerce trailblazer

Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic brand Kylie Cosmetics was launched in 2015 and was projected to make $386 million in 2017. In this blog post, we outline three key factors that contributed towards the company’s success. Read the post here.

Since the writing of this blog, Qubit have been fortunate enough to partner with their sister brand, ColourPop, who are pushing the boundaries of both Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura.

5. ‘Plan less. Live more’: Interview with Amir Segall, VP International at HotelTonight

Our Travel Industry Manager, Beth Chapman, caught up with Amir to get his take on key travel industry trends, how HotelTonight is using data, and more. The interview was part of our Future of Travel series and report, for which we interviewed 25+ of Amir’s peers from brands like Marriott, Uber, Emirates, Virgin Holidays and many many more. Read the interview here.

The year ahead

As we saw in our recap of Black Friday weekend across UK and US, we have finally surpassed the mobile inflection point, and most traffic to retail sites now comes from mobile throughout the key trading periods.

As 2018 unfolds, we expect this trend to continue. In fact, we predict that one of the most profound challenges retailers will face in 2018 is competing with social media on mobile customer experience. Our CEO, Graham Cooke, spoke to CNBC this December to explain why mobile discovery will be a key topic in 2018, and why it can be key to beating the likes of Amazon. Watch the interview below:

On behalf of everyone at Qubit, we wish you happy holidays and a great start to the new year. We’d love to keep you informed about all things personalization and discovery throughout 2018. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to subscribe to our blog updates to stay in the loop. Just fill out the form in the section below.

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