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How Skybet and Qubit achieved rapid scale during the World Cup

During The FIFA 2018 World Cup we hosted an egaming event at Google HQ in London. This blog ...

Customer experience

Infographic: A four year study on customer experience using 2 billion user ...

Une infographie basée sur le rapport de Qubit «Obtenir 6% de plus»

Retail Customer experience

How to supercharge ecommerce conversion this peak season

On June 14, we have partnered with Mobify for a Black Friday webcast. Join us as we discuss how ...

Customer experience Publishing

Get started on your personalization journey

This brand new report explores scalable, automated techniques powered by AI (Artificial ...

Web Personalization Best practice Customer experience Beauty and cosmetics Cosmetics

OPI's path to personalization: Little things, big impact!

Qubit caught up with Violaine Muras, Global Digital Director of OPI Products, a Coty Inc. ...

Retail Thought Leadership Customer experience

Podcast: Mobile shopping and discovery in the age of Spotify and Netflix

Today we’re launching a podcast episode with the UK’s leading industry association for ...

Customer experience Mobile

Before customers "find", they have to discover

As we launch Qubit Aura, the new product discovery solution for mobile web, Simon Jaffrey

Retail Web Personalization Research Best practice Customer experience

Three tactics for a successful Black Friday

In this blog, we reveal the three personalization tactics that our analysis of 2bn online user ...

Travel Web Personalization Best practice Customer experience

Using data to create greater authenticity in travel

Holly Pound, strategy consultant at Qubit, discusses how travel brands can leverage data to ...

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