Retail Machine Learning

Convenience vs. experience - how tastemaking brands are competing with Amazon

We discuss how technological developments and a shift in consumer needs mean that tastemaking ...

Machine Learning

The Base Rate Fallacy

In a Medium blog, Qubit Data Science Lead Matthew Tamsett discusses how the Base Rate Fallacy ...

Web Personalization Customer experience Machine Learning

What ecommerce can learn from Netflix

In this video, Qubit CEO Graham Cooke takes some time out to talk about customer context, ...

Mobile Machine Learning Aura

Set up for product success: Designing Qubit Aura's interface

The second blog in the series about the business facing interface of Qubit Aura.

Mobile Machine Learning

Unleash the true power of AI on your mobile site

This blog shines light on the shortcomings of typical mobile commerce sites in in the context ...

Machine Learning Aura

Qubit machine learning: An interview with Bud Goswami

A video interview with Qubit's Lead Data scientist to discuss who Qubit is and what we do.

Customer experience eGaming Machine Learning

How Skybet and Qubit achieved rapid scale during the World Cup

During The FIFA 2018 World Cup we hosted an egaming event at Google HQ in London. This blog ...

Web Personalization Qubit news Machine Learning

Qubit named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Qubit have been named a leader in Gartner’s first ever Magic Quadrant for Personalization ...

Web Personalization Machine Learning

Training machine learning algorithms for ecommerce

Machine learning is a rising star in ecommerce. In this article, Qubit Technical Product ...

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