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Qubit and ColourPop at the Glossy Awards

Last week cosmetic brand ColourPop and Qubit won the Glossy Awards Best Breakthrough Product ...

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How your brand can boost the mobile shopping experience

In this blog you will uncover key findings from the latest Qubit report and to discover how ...

Retail Thought Leadership Mobile Aura

A study of mobile's halo effect using 1.2Bn ecommerce journeys

We recently analyzed a sample of 1.2 billion online shopping journeys and ran a consumer survey ...

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Product discovery: How we measure impact on mobile sites

Last year, we launched Qubit Aura, a solution for product discovery on mobile. In this blog, ...

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The fashion and beauty brands using AI to win on mobile

Find out how brands like DvF and ColourPop are using AI to build a personalized product feed ...

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Before customers "find", they have to discover

As we launch Qubit Aura, the new product discovery solution for mobile web, Simon Jaffrey


Mobile conversion is increasing, the quality of mobile experiences is not

In this blog, Qubit UX Lead, Giovanni Luperti investigates some of the trends in mobile ...


Mobile: the battleground in the age of social media

In this blog, Qubit UX Lead, Giovanni Luperti explores the impact of social media on mobile ...

Web Personalization Product updates Mobile

A supernatural discovery process: building our new product for mobile

In this blog, Qubit Product Director, Simon Jaffery discusses the hypothesis and idea behind ...

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