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The year in review: Our top 5 blog articles of 2017

The five articles that interested our readers the most in 2017. Read on for the most exciting ...

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Black Friday trading recap: Beyond the mobile inflection point

The 3 trends from Black Friday weekend 2017 that retailers need to account for in their 2018 ...

Retail Research Thought Leadership Best practice

Singles Day: The secret to a successful peak trading start

We aggregated data from some of the UK’s largest retailers to see how UK ecommerce benefitted ...

Thought Leadership Product Design

Design simplicity: from complex data to cutting-edge tech

Qubit's head of UX gives a glimpse into how we approach product design in the digital analytics ...

Retail Web Personalization Thought Leadership

Preparing for the inevitable: Personalization

The time is now web personalization. Here's how to get started.

Retail Thought Leadership Best practice

Three heuristics every marketer should know

Three heuristics every marketer should know - how behavioral science can boost conversions and ...

Retail Thought Leadership

Three reasons to join the AI gold rush

Now far from just science fiction, artificial intelligence could be the key to future retail ...

Thought Leadership Best practice

Segmentation: Transforming acquisitions into enduring relationships

Senior Strategy Consultant Lucia Cedron shares the insights from her recent lightning talk on ...

Retail Thought Leadership

Catalysts of Change: the infographic

In our latest report we interviewed over 70 retail leaders to find out how technology is ...

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