Two of Qubit’s clients top latest site speed report

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With 57% of online shoppers abandoning a site if it hasn’t loaded after three seconds, it’s a good job that both Shop Direct and Staples top the charts for the fastest web page load times!

A recent report from Radware and Level 3 discovered that among the top 400 European ecommerce sites, two of our Opentag clients, Shop Direct and Staples ranked in the top 10 sites.

Both Shop Direct and Staples have less than half of the median reported web page load time of 7.04 seconds, Radware reported. Shop Direct’s load time was reported at 1.69 seconds and was the fastest of the UK retailers’ sites, Staples not far behind at 1.80 seconds.

Through using Opentag, online retailers can improve their site speed by as much as 30%, especially if they have complex tagging and lots of technologies. So with two of our clients ranking in the top 10 European ecommerce sites, isn’t it about time you increased your web page load time too? After all, every second counts - for every second delay on page load time, page views drop by 11% and satisfaction drops by 16%. 

For more information about the benefits of Opentag, visit our Opentag features page. To view our Opentag clients, from ecommerce, to lead generation, click here. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To read the full report on Econsultancy, click here.

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