What mobile shopping can learn from Spotify

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Welcome to the first of our mobile showcase series! Here we examine four of the hottest brands in social media and entertainment to see what mobile commerce can learn.

First up is Beth, who’s going to look at Spotify:


Seen enough? Visit Qubit Aura. Otherwise, here are the key takeouts from the video:

#1 Spotify has dominated inspiration

Every day you can see a bunch of artists who you may never have heard before.

#2 Spotify has a great UX

It barely takes any clicks or swipes to get through the Spotify catalog - perfect for mobile.

#3 Spotify is addictive

Daily mixes, weekly discovers and tailored content keeps you coming back for more.

How to take action

Consider your mobile shopping site in comparison to Spotify. Do you have to labor through a hamburger menu or click 4 or 5 times to find the products you want? Do you have to wait seconds for a product page to load before you can view it?

For most consumers, these seemingly small challenges prevent them from getting the most out of mobile. In this Qubit research, we found that speed, ease of browsing and difficult product discovery outweighed any pains mobile shopping users had from the checkout process.

Our solution

We’ve been busy addressing these issues at Qubit. Our solution is Qubit Aura, an AI layer that slips over your mobile shopping site to give it Spotify-like powers, as well as other cool features like pinning and sharing.

On average, shoppers using Aura see 2.25x more products than those who don’t, and Aura also increases conversion rates and order values. Here’s a great case study with ColourPop.

The halo effect is real

Another key finding from the research was that mobile now influence 19% of purchases made on computer, further underlining the impact that enhanced product discovery can make on the wider shopping experience.

Check your analytics and we think you’ll agree, when you have twice as much traffic on mobile as desktop, don’t you think it’s time to shake things up a bit?

To learn more about Qubit Aura, here’s where to go.

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